Some criticisms of anti-Circle arguments I actually DO wanna hear:

Ignoring what “freedom” means to human mages vs. elven mages – 

  • Human mages might have been from noble families or had otherwise very secure and good lives before being taken to the Circle
  • Elven mages face dual oppressions as elves and mages, and the Circle was the only place where they might actually experience a semblance of social mobility and economic stability. 

Where are mages going to learn how to do magic?

  • The Circle is the only institution large enough to serve mages in teaching them to control and apply their magical gifts.
  • Without Chantry money, who would fund the housing, feeding and education of these people? 
    • If mages self-fund this, how would that look?
    • If the College doesn’t house mages, wouldn’t this screw over “commoner” mages vs. mages from noble households due to lack of access (mage kids who can’t travel to the Colleges vs. mage kids who can)
      • And the consequences aren’t illiterate commoners vs. educated nobles – it’s dead kids vs. capable magic-wielding nobles

The rest of Thedosian society still hates mages, doesn’t the insularity of the Circle protect mages from angry mobs? 

  • The pros and cons of remaining insular and self-segregating vs. trying to integrate into the larger society
  • Circle Mage culture and assimilation (because do not tell me that Circle mages haven’t developed their own cultures and social norms within their own Circles because of social isolation)

Some criticisms of anti-Circle arguments I DON’T wanna hear:

“But mages are BAAAAADDDD!!!!”

“Templars are necessary to protect the people from mages” 

“Look at Tevinter – THEY OWN SLAVES!!!!! BLOOD MAGIC!!!!!”



Bernie has established himself. He will continue to fight for his policies. Voting Democratic is the only real option.


It doesn’t matter if you’re dissapointed or upset that Bernie Sanders isn’t the democrat nominee…if you want to see ANY of his policies have a chance of happening you still need to vote democrat in this election and vote for Hillary Clinton because you can sure as hell bet that if Trump gets in we’re not going to see ANY of Bernie’s policies happen

This advice on how to deal with “racist mouthy twats” has gone viral because it’s good advice


Good advice on what to do when you find yourself near a racist mouthy twat who is spouting out their crap at some unfortunate person.

NEVER engage the perpetrator. He (and it is usually he) is looking for confrontation. Instead speak to the person he is abusing. Say hello. Introduce yourself. Shake his or her hand. And just stand with them. Keep talking. About anything. Weather. Bus schedules. Football. This kind of bullying never works against a group of people having a conversation. Usually a single person travelling or a mom with a kid or maximum, two women are targeted.

Form a group of people with and around them if you can. Don’t tell them they are not alone. Just don’t let them be alone. I speak from experience. Once, I encountered a young girl wearing a hijab being abused as a terrorist by a drunk man on a train. I just went and sat beside her and started a conversation with her. After a while, the dude lost interest. I had a lovely chat with a young student from Qatar. She wanted to study literature while her dad was only prepared to pay for engineering or commerce as he wanted her to join the family business. It helped her feel safe and it expanded my horizons.

This is known in behavioral psychology as “non-complimentary behavior”; by not fueling the aggression of another person and you can flip the whole script of all their expectations, and without any footholds for their aggression (like direct provocation and confrontation/conflict) to launch into further tirades against, the aggressor can’t continue their angry scene-building. The more people who participate in script-flipping, the more successful it gets, as in this post you see with the advice to form a protective group between the bigot and their target for that very purpose.

There’s an NPR podcast called Invisibilia which goes into detail about how it works and what sort of people rely on it everyday professionally and for survival alike, in their Flipping the Script episode.

This advice on how to deal with “racist mouthy twats” has gone viral because it’s good advice

No need to panic


For those who saw that post urging people to run for the hills and cry a river over how Yahoo lost money on tumblr and will therefore suddenly shut it down, breathe.

Tumblr is amongst the Big Four with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with 300 million monthly users last month. 100 million people use IG every month, and IG is in no danger of “poofing” away. The Big Four have become iconic in recent years, talked about on talkshows, referenced in movies, and while scrolling down any article you will most likely see the “tumblr” “tweet” “share” and “email” buttons.

“But the number of users is declining!” You say. Angry Birds players have declined too over the years, but it’s still wildly popular and one of the top rated games on the App store. Less people are using Facebook now too, but it’s still here. I tried searching tumblr and google for any sort of other information about Yahoo chopping tumblr, but all I found was that one post. Preemptive widespread panic from some simple speculation.

Yes, Yahoo may have suddenly shut down a couple fandom-oriented sites a few years back, blah blah. But tumblr is more than just a (giant) site for posting fandom content; to erase tumblr would be to erase millions of pieces of art, poetry, writing, company platforms, film campaigns, photography, podcasts, celebrity users, social communities, and business resources. Highly successful people and popular bloggers that are known elsewhere, made famous by tumblr. Yahoo will not want to piss off 300 million people and be known as the company who killed all that. Especially without heavy warning.

Save your posts if you want to (I always just email myself the text or put files on a flash drive), but I’ll eat my shoe if one day we open the login page and find a “sorry, this site was taken down!” message. It’s regular and expected business for profit to dip down before it dips up again. If Yahoo really is losing that much money (assuming the cited article is true) some other company will buy tumblr, as tumblr has been around since 2007.