Oh, Jack

1.01 & 4.05

#who gave you the right #my poor ship. 8 years my babies #i’m so sorry the writers hated you so much #that they decided to give jack the amazing kerry #and sam another emotional abuser with boundary issues #instead of just resolving this love story #i’m so sorry that ‘i don’t think the heart ever grows old’ turned into ‘i do [have everything i want]’ #and ‘i care about her a lot more than i’m supposed to’ turned into ‘i wouldn’t be here’ #i’m so sorry you two never got more than an ambiguous fishing trip and a deleted scene in a different show #we could have had it all rolling in the deep #sam x jack #my ship is a majestic dinghy #your married is showing #(your married should have been more than a fantasy spoof moment) (via ellie5192)


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