Aeryn Sun + character development

#the best thing about this character arc is it’s so believably nuanced#they didn’t just go ‘oh she was a brutish soldier and then she learned to love and have feelings’ #she always loved she always had feelings her journey was about being able to embrace those things #in a healthy way and a supportive environment without shame #it was about expanding her world view and casting off bigotry (it was a journey real people can understand and need themselves) #which is part of why it was so powerful she wasn’t this unemotional robot in the beginning #for an alien she was always so very tragically painfully human #we didn’t just watch her ‘have her icy heart melted by a good man’ #her journey was her own on her own terms for her own good #she became ‘more’ #not just by someone else’s standards and in the ways they prescribed or approved #she did it herself #she did it for herself #and she had setbacks and relapses and it wasn’t magically easy #IT WAS NEVER EASY #but she powered the fuck through and all the good traits and skills she’d always had got her there in the end #anyway in other news I love her #Aeryn Sun #in other other news this is possibly still the actual real best show I have ever seen no joke (via whitlockienterprisespresents)



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