ultimate dragon age meme: five mages (5/5)


“Even the youngest human child knows of at least a dozen heroes of legend. These tales are taken for granted, they are so abundant! Oh, it makes me angry, sometimes. We Dalish have lost most of our history and legends. What we do remember, we hold dear.“

“We can share stories. They belong to everyone.”

“But does a human child value the tale of the Paragon Aeducan as much as he does Dane and the Werewolf? Stories connect us to our past. They shape a people in profound ways. Without them, we are lost. I think I finally know what I will do with your gift. I will fill it with stories. […] These will be new stories for my people, stories drawn from what I know and what I’ve seen! Perhaps one day they will be what connects my children and their children to their past– to me.”


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